IPC floors give your premises a special look.


You love the special floor?

☆ Free from phthalates
☆ Free from formaldehyde
☆ Free from heavy metals
☆ We offer parquet, 50 species of wood
☆ Design flooring (vinyl flooring) 140 decors
☆ from herringbone to tile look
☆ Different planks / floorboards dimensions
☆ Laying Dryback / Click / SPC Click
☆ soundproof underlay
☆ more competent and friendly
☆ Customer Service
<p><strong>smaragd 0,55mm</strong></p>

smaragd 0,55mm

<p><strong>topas xxl 0,55</strong></p>

topas xxl 0,55

<p><strong>rubin xl 0,55mm</strong></p>

rubin xl 0,55mm

<p><strong>rubin xs 0,55mm</strong></p>

rubin xs 0,55mm

<p><strong>achat 0,55mm</strong></p>

achat 0,55mm

<p><strong>achat 2 0,55mm</strong></p>

achat 2 0,55mm

<p><strong>opal xl 0,55mm</strong></p>

opal xl 0,55mm

<p><strong>opal xs 0,55mm</strong></p>

opal xs 0,55mm

<p><strong>pwk 0,55mm</strong></p>

pwk 0,55mm

<p><strong>pwk 0,30mm</strong></p>

pwk 0,30mm

<p><strong>onyx 0,30mm</strong></p>

onyx 0,30mm

<p><strong>saphir plus 0,30mm</strong></p>

saphir plus 0,30mm